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Practice limited to periodontics and implant dentistry

Implant dentistry is taught as part of the training of a modern periodontist. Richard Tucker
received training in dental implants as part of his specialist training in periodontics and has
been carrying out implant treatments for over 20 years. Having finished his specialist
training he worked at the Eastman Dental Hospital for 10 years, where he was very active
with dental implant treatments using multiple implants systems, which included bone
grafting, soft tissue grafting and the overlap with restorative dentistry. He also worked in
the West End of London in a multispecialty practice with leading senior specialists in
Prosthodontics for over a 15-year period and, as such, brings a wealth of knowledge and
experience to PerioSouth. Having been actively involved in research, he regularly attends
international meetings in the fields of periodontics and implant dentistry to keep abreast of
the scientific evidence which supports best practice in this specialty of dentistry, which he is
passionate about.

Caring for patients with dental implants, particularly in patients with a history of
periodontitis, requires considerable expertise. Periosouth is exceptionally lucky to have a
highly skilled, motivated and experienced team of hygienists all of whom have been with
the practice for well over 10 years and are used to providing treatment of an exceptional
standard, as the norm.

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