Covid-19 Update

We hope that you and your loved ones have kept safe and well during this pandemic.

We are open and looking forward to seeing you!

​Our commitment to patient safety has always been evident at Periosouth, with infection control a priority.  Since the  arrival of Covid-19, patient safety as well as the safety of our staff, is now even more important.  There are new safety guidelines, which have been introduced since the arrival or coronavirus, which will be apparent when you next come to see us.


We need to ensure that social distancing is followed where possible and therefore will need to limit the number of patients in the reception area, in particular.  As such, we will have markers initially indicating a 2 metre distance, however a 1m+ guide will be introduced shortly.  If you have your own face covering, please put it on in your car before you get out.  We will advise you when you can take it off before treatment starts.  We may issue masks at busier times, where appropriate for your safety, with a bag to put your mask in during treatment.

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If you have had an appointment cancelled by us, during lockdown, we will contact you to rearrange your appointment(s).

Please do not come to the practice to arrange an appointment in person.  We would prefer you to arrange your appointments by telephone on +44 1962 767900 or email: .  Please give us as much detail as possible, if you have more urgent needs.  Since re-opening, our phone lines have been very busy, however if Dr Tucker has spoken to you regarding a periodontal/ implant problem during the lockdown period, then we will contact you.


If we have not already contacted you, you can call us to arrange a suitable appointment. If you currently have symptoms of Covid19, or you are self-isolating, because either you or someone in your household has symptoms of Covid, we will not be able to offer you an appointment for at least 14 days. In addition, please call us if you have had any of the following newly diagnosed conditions: Heart, lung, kidney disease, diabetes or any auto-immune disorder.

You will be advised of an available appointment and though we will do our very best to accommodate your needs, we may have a little less flexibility in appointment times, initially.


Please attend alone, but if you need to bring a carer/ escort they can assist you into the building but will then have to wait outside during your treatment. 

You will be asked to clean your hands with alcohol gel/ foam, as has been customary for over 15 years at Periosouth.  If you have a temperature over 37.8C or you have answered questions indicating you may have or live with someone who has symptoms, we will not be able to offer you treatment.


You will also be asked to use an antiviral mouthwash as soon as your face covering is removed.


After your treatment session you will be escorted to reception, where the door will be left open. You will exit via the main door as usual.  

Procedures will be constantly reviewed to keep everyone safe.

Please be aware that current guidance indicates that we can’t shake hands and that we will have to greet you with our masks on and hope that you understand that we will still be our usual selves behind our masks and visors!

The intention of this communication is to keep you updated and advise you of what your specialist periodontal or implant care might look like for the immediate future. 

You have all been so patient and we are grateful for the kind messages we have had during lockdown.  Thank you for bearing with us at this time. 

Best wishes from the Periosouth Team

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